We are professional certificates by Google as better practices in the Management of Campaigns of Google. Marketing in Finders is based on appearing of excellent way in the searches that are related to your business.

Today Google is the seeking major and with a great capacity to generate new contacts or potential clients. This power is based on which a user digita in the Google finder the service that is needing in its sector and begins to know new companies that can sell these services.

Only payments by the users who click in your announcements! It is the fundamental principle by which Google has taken control so popular of its program of publicity. PPC or Payment by click as a form is denominated to direct you to your objective public, means that only payments by the user who clicks in your announcement and visits your webpage.


Our methodology assures results from the first day, by the form in which the Publicity in Finders is created:

  • We realise a real study of demand to know how to direct you to the people who look for your services.
  • We quantify your ideal Budget to direct to you to these users and to fulfill your objectives.
  • We plan and we created the campaign to assure the best results.
  • We realise a continuous pursuit on generated results and contacts.

 Why to choose us to invest in publicity with Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is the platform of more important publicity online, because it generates many benefits to his advertisers, between which we emphasized:

  • Only payments by the users who click in your announcements. The cost of your publicity always is for users who are interested in your services because they have clicked in the announcement. Payments by the traffic that can come to your webpage, and that generates own clients.
  • Segmentation to interested users. We can show to your publicity in Google, considering the geographic location, interests according to key words related to your company.
  • Profitable publicity. After trusting your campaign of Google AdWords to our Agency, you will see results from the first moment, and will receive potential clients from the first day.
  • You will be able to be in first results search for related key words, at the same moment that we initiate the campaign. This allows to see results very quickly.
  • Pursuit and Information of results. We will realise periodic meetings to inform about the progress into your campaigns and the obtained results to you.