Certainly you have often listened that the content is the king, and as specialistic in positioning Web we confirmed it. There is no doubt that the marketing of contents, with a strategy of creation of excellent contents is essential to have a page with information of quality, adapted and interesting for your objective public, for that reason is a tactical key to increase your visibility and to obtain a better positioning SEO.

To maintain your Web updated with valuable texts for your objective public is essential if you want to gain visibility and relevance within your sector and, therefore, to become a reference online. The users demand increasing quality and those Webs that are not able to obtain it are destined to lower their positioning.

You do not remain back! In the Web Imagines identified and created the best content for you website through strategies that help you to optimize your positioning and offering useful information for your users.


Useful texts and of quality: It does not matter what is the sector in which is your company, we contributed content of excellent quality and for your objective public thanks to a specialized equipment that will help to increase your visibility you in the finders.

Extension of 400 to 1,200 words: We adapted to your needs! We create transactional texts inbound or to improve the content of your categories, products or blog, with variable extensions that adjust to the needs of your project.

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Titles and optimized descriptions: We take care of each detail developing, not only good content, but also powerful titles and attractive descriptions that help to secure the more visits you.

Writing: Not only we worked the content of your Web, but also we worked in the creation of articles, concepts and other content that helps to potentialise your products and/or services, chords to the needs of your company and your objective public.


At the time of choosing of form online a product, service, or determined company, the information that we received on the matter influences directly in our decision. The creation of contents is essential to transmit confidence to our users, to demonstrate to them that we are expert in our sector, to indicate to the finders those excellent key words to him for our project and, by all means, to surpass to our competitors with information of excellent quality and.

The strategies of content creation that we developed in our agency of positioning Web will help a you:

  • To improve your brand and to consolidate to you as an expert in your sector.
  • To harness your visibility and your positioning Web.
  • To fortify main your keywords and to gain new excellent key words for your business.
  • To communicate to you with your real and potential clients by means of excellent information for your public directly.
  • To compete with other pages of your contained sector offering useful and quality.
  • To maintain your fresh and up-to-date page.
  • To generate a greater conversion thanks to powerful transactional texts.
  • To have content 100% cash for your social Web and your networks.
  • A good strategy and writing of content Web require of time, dedication and knowledge, for that reason in the Web Imagines we helped you to assume this task thanks to a specialized equipment with years of experience. It discovers everything what we can offer to you in the matter of marketing of contents and increases your organic visits gaining visibility and authority.