The SEM positioning is much more that to develop a campaign it pays in AdWords, is an option that, combined with the SEO, will help your Web to increase its traffic and to increase the capacity of sales of your business online.

In the Web Imagines developed and monitored your campaigns of SEM positioning so that you arrive easily at your objective public and obtain the best conversion. We know that your business online is unique, for that reason we helped you to guarantee that your campaign of traffic payment is successful.


Analysis of excellent key words: We study the more excellent key words for your constant business online and realised test to only use those that give a greater return you.

Customized campaigns for your business: We understand that each business online is different, for that reason developed customized campaigns of payment to help you to obtain the best results.

Creation and optimization of Google My Business: We discharge from the hospital your local business in Google My Business and optimized your card to the maximum, equaling the data of contact of all platforms, to offer the best information to real and potential clients.

Optimization of the ROI: We execute segmented campaigns highly, with constant revisions to secure an optimal return of investment. We maximize your conversions to the smaller possible cost.

Optimization of CPA and the CPC: We close by follow the results that obtain your campaigns to improve to the maximum the cost by CPA acquisition and/or the cost by click CPC, with the purpose of to harness the results to the maximum.

Constant monitoring: We realise pursuit to each campaign of SEM positioning by means of the analysis and constant monitoring, offering detailed reports of results to maintain to you always informed.

Why you need a good strategy SEM positioning?

Because so that the investment that beams in traffic payment has the return that delays, is necessary to create segmented and effective campaigns that arrive, accurately, to your potential clients. And in the Web Imagines we know to do it very well!

Our strategies of SEM positioning will help a you:

  • To arrive directly at your public by means of an exhaustive segmentation.
  • To increase the visits to your Web of immediate form.
  • To catch new clients.
  • To improve the yield of your Web in the short term.
  • To complement your strategy SEO, you can obtain new conversions while you invest in the organic positioning.